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CMM Quay Legal Group is a vibrant, modern and innovative law firm.

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Our commitment is to represent you to the very best of our ability at all times and to provide services that represent good value. We aim to see each transaction through your eyes to better understand your needs.

Anyone who has experienced our Court system knows the huge toll it can take. There are large costs including:

  • court filing fees
  • expert witness fees
  • subpoena costs and service of document fees
  • barrister and solicitor fees
  • the cost of your time

Add to this the stress, anxiety and disruption to daily life, that people experience. At CMM Quay Legal Group we maintain that prevention is better than cure. In our experience, it is far better and more economical to spend money up front preparing documents which reflect what each party intends as accurately as possible, and putting things in place to protect your position, than to spend many thousands of dollars later arguing. Our advice to you is: ‘Do not take the risk!’ Consider up front legal costs as insurance premiums, or in the same light as money spent on installing fire sprinklers. They may not stop the fire, but they should significantly reduce the damage.

Don’t rely on handshake agreements, because with society’s ability to contract in wider circles, our ability to really know who we are dealing with is minimised. Also, don’t rely on contracts downloaded from the internet which have not been specifically and properly adapted to your deal and may not even apply in Australian law.

Finally, if you are given a contract to sign, have a lawyer review it for you. Reading legal documents is not as easy as reading English. As an example in wills, “to give something equally” may have a completely different effect than “to give something in equal shares” !

Simply put, seek proper legal advice. At CMM Quay Legal Group we draft agreements to suit your precise needs and that you will understand and therefore be able to use.

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