With our extensive experience in multiple areas of law, we will find you the most common sense solutions.

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What we do

At CMM Quay Legal Group we work in areas of law which we know well - so that you are assured of receiving advice which is no less than exceptional.


Many times we consider issues that not even our clients have thought of and we can tell you about our experience of what other people are doing in similar circumstances. Simply put, our advice:

  • considers the market
  • considers a variety of issues
  • is up-to-date
  • is practical to you
  • is easy to understand

Our solicitors and conveyancers have many years of experience and have acted in countless different types of matters in the areas of law which we offer. Here we list some examples to give you an idea. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you.

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CMM Quay Legal Group

CMM Quay Legal Group