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With our extensive experience in multiple areas of law, we will find you the most common sense solutions.

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What we do

At CMM Quay Legal Group we work in areas of law which we know well - so that you are assured of receiving advice which is no less than exceptional.

Property transactions form a large part of our everyday work. We act for purchasers, sellers, landlords, tenants, lenders, borrowers, developers, builders, investors and owners in a variety of matters. As examples:

Purchases and Sales:

  • commercial, residential, retirement, rural and industrial
  • Torrens, strata, company, leasehold and old system title
  • off-the-plan

Commercial and retail leasing and licencing including:

  • heads of agreement
  • fitout and incentive deeds
  • water access and jetty licences
  • transfers, variations and terminations


  • subdivisions
  • strata development and by-laws


  • caveats
  • easements
  • joint ownership agreements
  • land tax and stamp duty issues
  • life estates
  • possessory applications
  • transfers of property between related parties
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CMM Quay Legal Group

CMM Quay Legal Group