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Janelle is a highly motivated and result-oriented lawyer, with experience in both jurisdictions of Australia (NSW) and New Zealand.

Janelle joined the CMM Quay Legal Group team in February 2016 after relocating to Sydney from New Zealand. In New Zealand she practised as a property and commercial solicitor at Godfreys Law working for high-value client projects, including performing due diligence for large commercial property acquisitions and conveyancing for both existing and off-the-plan residential properties. She also acted in corporate mergers and business acquisitions, as well as a variety of leasing matters.

As a valued solicitor in the firm, fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Janelle currently works in commercial and residential conveyancing of apartments, houses, offices and off-the-plan matters and is also acting for fund managers and international manufacturers in retail and commercial leasing. Other areas of Janelle’s expertise include asset protection including Wills, Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship Appointments, and she also practices in the area of commercial litigation.

Janelle values the trust and confidence that clients place in her.


刘律师从新西兰移居悉尼后于2016年2月加入CMM Quay Legal 法律团队,在新西兰期间刘律师就职于Godfreys律师事务所, 从事具有高价值客户房产和商业项目的律师工作, 在大型商业物产买卖和已经存在或者计划外民用住宅财产转让都表现出尽职尽业的严谨作风。刘律师还从事公司合并,商业购并和多种多样的出租业务。

做为我们律师事务所里有价值的律师,刘律师中国国语流利,目前从事于商业和民用的公寓,房产,办公场所和非计划性项目的财产转让。还从事于基金管理和国际制造商零售以及商业租赁业务。 其它方面的专长还有财产保全业务,包括遗嘱,委托书和指定永久监护人,刘律师还从事商业领域内的起诉。


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