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Josephine is a principal of CMM Quay Legal Group and a Notary Public. Prior to forming CMM Quay Legal Group, Josephine was the principal of Quay Legal Group. She started her legal career in 1986, practicing for 12 of those years as a senior solicitor for the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Her legal experience covers a variety of fields, from commercial and property law, intellectual property such as copyright and trademarks law, banking and finance, building contracts, government law to personal legal matters such as wills, powers of attorneys and guardianship appointments.

However, what sets Josephine apart is her ability to understand her clients’ needs:

“Working as in-house counsel at the Reserve Bank forced me to look at legal issues from the client’s perspective because I was both an employee of the bank, wanting to achieve the bank’s objectives, as well as its lawyer. Added to this are my many years as business owner, employer and partner, making me acutely aware of our business clients’ needs.

A frequent question I ask myself and my staff is ‘What would we want if we were in our client’s position?’

So, I have learnt to go further than simply identifying legal issues. To me, my work is not complete unless I give clients realistic, practical, effective and alternative strategies to consider.”

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