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Dispute Resolution

Court proceedings can drag on and get expensive. That’s why, at CMM Quay Legal Group, we advocate and work towards the resolution of disputes, where possible, without litigation.

Our team of respected lawyers and support staff have years of experience behind them which they use to skilfully guide you through the process so you can get on with your life. Whether this happens through mediation or arbitration, you’ll always have CMM Quay Legal Group by your side.

Types of disputes CMM Quay Legal Group can assist you with include:


Our team at CMM Quay Legal Group will always recommend keeping disputes out of court, but sometimes litigation is unavoidable when a solution can’t be agreed upon.

Although appearing in court can be stressful and daunting since there is no guarantee of success, having CMM Quay Legal Group on your side can give you a fighting chance.

We have the knowledge and experience in effectively working to resolve disputes simply and quickly, ultimately saving you stress, time and money.

In times of need, we’re here for you.

Your Disputes Legal Team

Harry Papadopoulos


Josephine Muscolino

Principal and Notary Public

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