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A divorce legally ends a marriage. To apply for a divorce, the married couple must be separated for at least 12 months. After this time, they are eligible to make a divorce application either together as joint applicants or individually as sole applicants.

Serving or being served with a divorce application may, in some cases, require expert advice. Once a divorce is applied for there are other important considerations to be dealt with in order to preserve your rights.

Property Settlement

Property settlement can be commenced at any time after separation. This is where both parties identify and value their property, financial position and contribution to the relationship in order to determine how to divide the assets fairly.

These contributions to a relationship may include:

  • Financial contributions such as any assets owned when the relationship began, income earned, inheritance, gifts or mortgage repayments
  • Non-financial contributions like caregiving to children, family, contributions to welfare of the family and being a homemaker

With impeccable attention to detail, our lawyers at CMM Quay Legal Group are the professionals you need to support you through the separation and divorce process. They have the knowledge and experience to represent your best interests in your divorce and property settlement.

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