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Transacted over $2.3 billion worth of sales & purchases!

Over a 10 year period, we have acted in property purchases with a total value of over $1 billion. For the same period, over $1.3 billion property sales were successfully effected by our firm. This wealth of experience makes CMM Quay Legal Group well equipped to assist you with all your property law needs.

Buying + Selling

Have you found your dream home? Need to sell? Call us now to get started.

Whether you’re buying your first home, dream home, investment property, or property in a retirement village, it’s an exciting time. The volatile and competitive nature of the property market also means it can be a time full of stress and worry.

Having CMM Quay Legal Group on your side means you will be represented by professionals in the business of buying and selling, taking the stress out of every transaction.

We act in property transactions big and small – from retail shopping centres to garage spaces, and put and call options. Regardless of whether you are an individual, company or corporation, with the right legal advice, complex transactions can be made simple.


Do you know your rights and obligations under your Lease?

  • What do you need to do when negotiating with a potential tenant?
  • Do you know what is permitted and what isn’t’?
  • Is your lease about to expire?
  • Do you need help renegotiating new lease terms?

Our experienced leasing team can advise you on all aspects of major commercial, industrial and retail leases for both landlords and tenants. We have many years of experience in drafting and reviewing leases, agreements for leases, disclosure statements, assignment of transfer, exercise of options, variation of lease and handling disputes and negotiations.

If you are thinking of entering a new lease, be cautious; you need to know if there are any unfair terms and conditions. Since leases are usually binding from anywhere between 3-5 years, let CMM Quay Legal Group ensure you and your business enters into a fair and reasonable agreement.

Landlords need to be protected under a lease from non-paying tenants, as well as damage caused by tenants. It is important to engage us in the negotiation stages of lease preparation. In this way, any potential disputes with the tenant are addressed up front rather than mid-way through the lease. We will always suggest the most appropriate lease terms to minimise your risk and liability.

If you are thinking about leasing your premises, contact us for guidance through this complex area of law.

Subdivision, Developments + Off the Plan

Are you purchasing off the plan?

When purchasing off the plan, you are buying land, a unit or townhouse that does not have its own title on the date of entering the contract for sale.

There are some great advantages to buying off the plan. Not having to pay the full purchase price until your unit is built, which may take a couple of years, is a great way to get into the property market. Your property may have made some capital growth by then and you will be saving money while property prices increase around you. Another benefit may be choosing your own fittings and colour schemes.

Aside from the benefits, there can be some things to be wary of. Any off the plan contract being entered into by buyers must be carefully considered and thoroughly checked as there are many pitfalls for the inexperienced. Oversights may be costly and time consuming to rectify. Waiting for plans of subdivision to be registered can be frustrating.

Let CMM Quay Legal Group take the worry out of the equation. With a wealth of conveyancing experience and countless off the plan purchases handled successfully, contact us for a stress-free experience.

Are you a developer?

At CMM Quay Legal Group, we understand the development process and have acted for numerous off the plan developments across NSW. Our commercial and property teams have the experience and knowledge to assist developers in achieving their ultimate visions.

Acting on large and complex developments for developers and corporations, we will deliver the best commercial outcomes from the planning stage through to the sale.

We provide reliable, expert advice on all aspects of property development, including:

  • Residential and mixed use (commercial and residential)
  • Detailed easements and restrictions
  • Strata/stratum development
  • Rezoning applications
  • Identifying taxation issues such as GST, land tax and stamp duty
  • Voluntary planning agreements with councils

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Need help understanding any aspect of your property related affairs?

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