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Notary Public

Need documents verified for use overseas? We have you covered.

What is a Notary Public?

Notaries are appointed by the Supreme Court of NSW and have the capability to certify and witness the signing of documents for use both in Australia and overseas. When certifying documents, a Notary Public has an individual seal that is registered with the Supreme Court of NSW. Their signature is also registered at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and many overseas embassies.

Need your documents to be recognised overseas? A Notary Public can:

  • Verify official, government and personal documents
  • Verify an individual’s identity and witness their signature on documents such as contracts, affidavits and statutory declarations
  • Witness powers of attorney
  • Produce certified copies of documents

Our highly experienced and qualified Notary Public at CMM Quay Legal Group will work with you to understand your requirements and ensure smooth sailing for your overseas dealings.

Building + Construction

Are you sure the quality of your construction will be up to par? Add security to your next building project by contacting us today.

CMM Quay Legal Group regularly work alongside builders and developers to reduce the potential for disputes. We also work with people who are going through the building process to ensure the quality of their projects meets not only legal standards but also the expectations of their client.

Whether in the beginning stages of the project or hitting obstacles mid-way through, our highly skilled lawyers assist in matters such as:

  • Building contract review and drafting
  • Contractor and subcontractor contracts
  • Securing financing for a project
  • Put and call options
  • Strata developments
  • Subdivision of land
  • Tenders

Put your mind at ease – minimise risks by speaking with CMM Quay Legal Group’s exceptional team members and using their vast knowledge and genuine guidance to your advantage.

Building Disputes

Do you have building works that are defective? Are you a builder or subcontractor who hasn’t been paid?

Building and construction involves many people at various stages of a project. Although you may have a contract, disputes can arise at any point within the process due to unclear terms or circumstances out of your control.

CMM Quay Legal Group are able to offer highly experienced lawyers who have worked on various disputes such as:

  • Recovering costs and payment
  • Defective work
  • Delays to the building process

Our lawyers will fight for your best interests, seeking to resolve disputes early to avoid spending excess time and money going to court.


A criminal record could bar your future plans. We can help protect those precious opportunities.

Criminal records can have serious, long-lasting consequences in many aspects of your life, from applying to jobs to visiting other countries and many in between. At CMM Quay Legal Group we understand how frightening and stressful navigating the court system can be. Being charged with a criminal offence is not something anyone should have to deal with alone.

That’s why our lawyers make the commitment to work with you every step of the way, striving to find the best solutions for you in an attempt to successfully close the case.

Our lawyers’ combined expertise in criminal law spans over a century, successfully representing clients in offences such as assault, coronial inquests, driving offences, drug possession, importation of drug offences and theft.

Call CMM Quay Legal Group to protect your future, family and livelihood.


Pushing for a change in legislation? Dealing with government entities? CMM Quay Legal Group can help you speak their language.

Transactions and dealings with government departments can be challenging. To get a government decision reviewed, appealed or revoked, there are a multitude of official procedures and processes to navigate.

Let CMM Quay Legal Group streamline the process, putting you on a level playing field and giving you a better chance of gaining a favourable outcome.

The vast knowledge of our lawyers covers a broad range of government matters from drafting submissions for changes in legislation to zoning and land tax court proceedings.

Government organisations and those dealing with government look to us for advice on:

  • Public access to information
  • Government liability and crown immunity
  • Government service agreements
  • Outsourcing contracts
  • Privacy law
  • Procurement contracts

If you need advice on complex, sensitive and high-profile government matters, CMM Quay Legal Group have the expertise and familiarity with the various proceedings involved to help you navigate your way through daunting issues.

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